Contracts are our passion.

Our Team has drafted, reviewed and advised on some of the most complex contracts in the region

Be it a complex international commodity sale and purchase contract, a FIDIC based construction contract, a simple MOU and anything in between – we are here for you at any time!

Contract is a very powerful tool if drafted professionally and in a timely manner

Many clients realize the importance of appointing a lawyer  for drafting or reviewing their contracts only after a dispute arises out of such contract. This is when it becomes apparrent to them that paying legal fees for a contract at early stages prior to signing cost them hundreds times less than hiring a lawyer to represent them in a court case in order to claim their dues/get their rights. Unfortnately, at some cases when clients did not come to us early enough – the losses are huge and damages are irreparable.

We always advise our clients to send their contracts for review before they sign anything. Ideally, we prefer to draft our clients’ contracts ourselves, where possible.

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